Monday, March 20, 2006

Eclipse Con 2006 - Day 1

So my employer, Lunar Logic, Inc., sent me over to Santa Clara for this year's Eclipse Conference. I was pretty excited because it's my first time attending the Eclipse Conference, or any conference of this size and exposure for that matter. Not only am I excited about the conference, but also to take a week away from work and visit the Bay Area. I have a few friends in San Fran that I plan to visit at the end of the week before I head back to Eugene.

Today was the first day of Eclipse Con 2006 - and what a day it was! There were ALOT of people at the Santa Clara Convention Center, and I'm sure there will be even more during the rest of the conference. There were people of all ages and ethnicities from all over the world. Not surprisingly, the male/female ratio was about 10 to 1...

All registered participants recieved a compensation bag full of goodies. There was a nice EclipseCon backpack specifically designed for the tech geek in all of us - lots of pockets for your accessories, a pouch for your laptop, and even a PDA protector! Also included in the bag were a 256MB USB stick, the "Eclipse Rich Client Platform" book (McAffer, Lemieux), CDs, brochures, a t-shirt, and some marketing junk.

The two turtorials I took today were "Plug-in Development" and "Rich Client Platform Development". Both were really good and full of useful information. Before taking the tutorials, I knew very little about both subjects. Now, I feel like I can program them in any applicatoin - well, not really, but I do know much more that before and I plan to use this information in some future projects I have in mind.

The next few days at Eclipse Con I'll be attending various talks and presentations on RCP, plug-in, and mobile development. I feel these subjects will be most useful for my personal, as well as professional, projects.


ladyvn503 said...

Did you get me any free stuff? I wouldn't mind an extra thumb-drive!

ladyvn503 said...

Did you remember to grab me some free stuff? I wouldn't mind another thumb-drive!