Friday, November 05, 2010

Installing GWT Developer Plugin in Firefox 3.6 for Linux

If you are developing GWT web apps on a Linux system with Firefox 3.6+, then you might have been prompted to install the GWT Developer Plugin when trying to debug your app on Firefox (see image below).

The problem happens when you try to install the plugin and restart Firefox - only to be prompted to re-install the GWT Developer Plugin again.

It seems like the latest Plugin on Firefox 3.6 requires the library and Mozilla Firefox 3.6+ only provides To solve this problem, simply locate the library and create a sym-link. For example, as root, execute the command:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

Then restart Firefox, install the GWT Developer Plugin, and then restart Firefox once more. You should now be able to debug your GWT web app!

Note that the location of the library differs in each Linux distro. But here are a few common folders where it might be


If you are unable to locate the library in one of the directories above, you can try finding it by executing on the command:


UPDATE: The library should be provided in mozilla-nspr-32bit or mozilla-nspr.

Hope that helps some of you out! Leave me a comme
nt if you have any questions.


Anonymous said...

I've read a lot of doubtful articles about installing gwt-dev-plugin.xpi in FF3.6 and only here I found the answer. Yes, itÅ› right statement that problem was in For, example in fedora 12-14 that lib located by path /lib/ and after creating soft link to this location and reinstalling gwt-dev-plugin.xpi everything works excellent. So, thank you very much, Chris

Anonymous said...

I am having same problem, for both firefox & chromium, but I could not find below my installation, could you let me know which rpm I could install?
Thanks a lot.

Chris Diaz said...

Hi Anonymous,

The library should be in the RPM mozilla-nspr-32bit and/or mozilla-nspr.

Hope that helps.