Sunday, September 17, 2006

Labor Day Week

Wow, and what a week it was!

It all started on Sunday, the 3rd, where I met up with an old college friend visiting from D.C. We then headed to Vancouver, WA. to celebreate Labor Day - Guam Fiesta style! It was held at a farm where people from all over the state (both Washington and Oregon) came together, brought in their favorite Island dish, socialzied, and of course, danced the cha-cha! It was great, the people were great, and the food was AWSOME! I haven't eaten such good Island food in years - I was stuffed!

After the Guam Fiesta, we headed East to the Columbia Gorge where we watched the sunset - it was beautiful site (and the company was great too =).

We headed back after sunset and met with another friend to play cosmic bowling. It was my first time going cosmic bowling - it was different, but really nothing special. We had a lot of fun, though, and that's what counts. It has been a while since I last bowled, but I think I did pretty well - I'm still working on my spinning/curving bowl. The other ladies did pretty good too.

Later that night, we met up with my other friends to karaoke! We all had a great time, but we didn't stay too long, because we had to wake up early for the next day's adventure.

For Labor Day, we went on a day hike at Silver Falls, located East of Salem. The falls were nice, but it wasn't as runny as it was during Spring (you can see it in my other pics from the last time I went to Silver Falls). What made the trip special, though, was the company - I had such a wonderful time there with some of my closest friends.

You can check out the pictures in my album.

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