Friday, April 07, 2006

Mt. Bachelor

It was sometime in the middle of last December when I put a pair of skis and went down the slopes of Mt. Bachelor for the first time. I fell and tubmled down the trails for the better part of the day. Although I really sucked, I have to say I was way better at skiing the first time out than I was at snowboarding.

Now, four months later and several trips to Willamette Pass, I've come to be a well-seasoned and experienced skier. I've conquered Willamette Pass and most of it's trails, including the black diamonds. The only trail I pussed out on was RTS (Real Tough Stuff) - maybe next season.

Not only have I've drastically improved in skiing, but I've also got into the sport of snow-blading. Snow-blades are basically shorter, wider skis. They allow me to perform tricks easier and make sharper turns. With the blades, I can also go off jumps and pull off tricks easier. I can't do anything really amazing like 360s or backflips (yet), but I'm improving - maybe next season.

So last Saturday, on April Fool's Day, I returned to the mountain that kicked my ass the first time 'round. This time, I came prepared and ready to return the favor. I headed back to Mt. Bachelor with a few buddies, my snow-blades, and my determination. All I have to say was - we ROCKED!

We cruised throughout the mountain and most of the trails. It didn't matter if it was a blue or black diamond trail - Northwest Express, Outback, I-5 - we rocked 'em all! Even as a rookie skier, I have to say that I impressed even myself on how much I improved in the last few months. Not only did we fly through the trails, we also played around the terrain park going on some jumps, catching air, and even heading down the half-pipe! Of course, I didn't do anything crazy on the jumps or half-pipe - maybe next season.

It's Spring now - the sun is shining and the ice is melting. It was a season filled with falls, bruises, a badly sprained hand, and lots of soreness - but it was all worth it. I had so much fun carving, catching air, and going through the woods with my friends and co-workers. Now, with my rookie season under my belt, I'll have to wait until the snow falls again before I return to the slopes. Until's back to the b-ball courts, turf fields, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, and mountains!

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